I have circled the globe. It is my pleasure to launch a series of travel photos and articles.  These photos and those to follow are for sale.  For futher details contact me via the email on this site.
by Joan Ramirez, author/photographer

Athens has been often called the birthplace of Democracy.  Unfortunately while the city government may have been Democratic their treatment of allies and colonies was not.  Because of the Persian wars they had the best fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean which defeated the Persian fleet several times. It was also used to keep colonies and allies in line until the disastrous war with Sparta and her allies which resulted in her defeat.

Thanks to the great Pericles many great public works were constructed the most famous of them constructed on or around the Acropolis.
The Acrpolis is a large flat mesa located in the city.  Its height makes it an ideal place to retreat if the city walls were breached.  On the top are many buildings the most famous being the Parthenon.  The building was being used as a munitions storage area by the Turks when a well placed artillery shot blew the building up.  The Greek Government and the city have spent huge sums and effort to slowly rebuild the structure.  Picture the complexity of a huge field filled with granite blocks scattered all over the area, measured, cataloged and studied to determine original location of each.  This is what they have been doing for many years and slowly but surely the building is being restored.  Unfortunately the restoration will never be complete since the British took what is called the Elgin Marbles and will not return them.