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Secret Desires is the absolutely perfect romance novel to bring to the beach, read on a rainy spring day, or cuddle up with during a blizzard. Margo and Edward are beautifully drawn through J.L.Regen's simple, yet strong, prose. Margo, a giving, yet ambitious young woman; Edward, a successful, yet sensitive widower. Can Margo balance her desire for a career with her passion for Edward? Will Edward be able to accept that Margo desires more than him and his money? Indeed, does his wealth play into her needs at all? The novel's romantic scenes are titillating, true to life and not the least bit overdone. Sexy and subtle, not salacious. The supporting characters are nicely portrayed, too, especially Margo's mother, and even Edward's deceased wife. I look forward to reading more from this author.
March 31, 2017 by Geri

Worth giving it a try. Margot and Edward are a couple from different worlds. It was interesting to see how their worlds and lives came together. It is a simple romance with just a few complications.   March 19, 2017 by Sharon

A review from a reader on NetGallery:
I enjoyed the overall story of Secret Desires but I felt at times there was a lot going on. But when I think about it, this is kind of true to life. One’s life isn’t just a single storyline.  
Would you purchase this book for yourself or a friend? YES-   Hilda

Secret Desires was acknowledged in the current issue of the InternationalWomen’s Writing Guild Newsletter in their HOT OFF THE PRESSES column.

Joan was interviewed on 4/21/17 by Lisa Marie Latino, Executive Producer of Long Shot Productions, about her books Jamie is Autistic and Let it go, Let it flow Leadership.  To review it go to: