I have circled the globe. It is my pleasure to launch a series of travel photos and articles.  These photos and those to follow are for sale.  For futher details contact me via the email on this site.
Sweden became a world power during the reign of King Gustavus Adolphus.  He led Swedish forces fighting in the Thirty Years War which ravaged Central Europe.  Protestants fought  against the Catholic powers and the Church. Referred to as the Lion of the North he was characterized by some as the Father of Modern Warfare. His tactics and strtegic innovations were studied by Napoleon and von Clausewitz.  Unfortuatly for the Protestant cause he was killed at age 38 while leading a cavalry charge.
The staue shown in the picture at the right is of Gustavus.  The picture below is of his flagship which unfortuantely sank on its maiden voyage due to improper ballasting. The Swedes recently found the wreck and using the latest techniques were able to raise it and placed it in a special;ly contrcted building.  A great exhibit and if you are ever in Stockholm visit.