I have circled the globe. It is my pleasure to launch a series of travel photos and articles.  These photos and those to follow are for sale.  For futher details contact me via the email on this site.
When the Emperor Claudius  ascended the throne he felt obligated to prove himself worthy by turning Roman's legions loose and conquering the island of Britannia. The legions spread across the landscape heading West and North after overcoming  the stiff resistance of the celtic tribesman.  The Second Legion moving westard came across natural mineral springs they christened Aquae Sulis.  A large bath and temple were quickly built and thousands came to take advantage of the mineral springs.  The water is clean, clear and potable. Soon a town grew up around the springs and ultimately became the town of Bath.  During the middle ages the baths and the town fell into disrepair.  In modern times archaelogists located the Roman baths, uncovered and partially restored them. The photos at the right are of the restored main pool. The other is of our hotel which was a converted priory with its own bathouse in the basement.  If we had known how beautiful things were we would have stayed longer but the next day we were on a train bound for London.