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Uncle Morty’s Good Luck Pants  (Part Two)
by Joan Ramirez
copyright 2018

Uncle Morty and Emma bumped foreheads reaching for the doorknob.
A man as big as a giant walked in and saluted. “The leader of our country has to address the United Nations, and his car has a flat tire. We need to borrow your taxi.”
Emma saw the anger in her uncle’s eyes.
“I’m the only person who sits behind the wheel of that cab.”
The agent lifted the tiny man off the ground. “Then you must drive us.”
 Uncle Morty screamed back at him. “Not without my lucky pants.”
The soldier lowered him to the floor. “Come with me.” 
Emma and Uncle Morty followed the man in uniform to a big, black car. When the window rolled down, they stared at the President of the United States.
 “Sir, I need your help,” the President said.
 Uncle Morty stood at attention. “Ready for duty.”
In the blink of an eye, Uncle Morty dressed and waited in front of his taxicab.
Emma pouted. “What about me?”
 Uncle Morty knocked on the window of the President’s car. “Excuse me, sir, there’s the matter of my niece.”
The President hurried into the taxicab. “Bring her along. Every child should visit the United Nations.”
While the President and his bodyguard settled into the back seat, Uncle Morty noticed the man’s feet.
“My goodness,” he whispered in Emma’s ear. “The President isn’t wearing socks.”
The leader of the nation turned red. “You’re not the only one missing lucky clothing.”
Uncle Morty pulled out of the driveway. When he stopped at a traffic light, the President tapped him on the shoulder. “If you can drive without your lucky pants, I can talk to the world without my favorite socks.”
They watched as the President pulled a blue pair out of his pocket.
Emma started to cry. “What’s wrong? You’re driving with the President.”
The child swallowed salty tears. “My teacher is going to mark me absent. I won’t get my gold star for perfect attendance.”
As they passed Emma’s school, the President ordered Uncle Morty to stop. He wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to Emma. “Give that note to your principal.”
On the way inside, she read the note.
I kindly request that Emma Thomas be excused from school today. She’s on her way to help me give a speech to the United Nations.
The President of the United States
                                                                                                     THE END
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